If you want a pet, get this one
Fu & Friends
Adopt a Fu and take care of it!

It will be your new virtual pet, or maybe your new best friend?

Fu is a legendary being, born from an egg that appears only in very special circumstances, searching for an owner who will take care and watch it grow.

Fun, simpleton, a bit weird and mischievous but always adorable. From now, you will have a Fu in your life.

  • Take care of your Fu. Play with it, clean it, pet it, feed it and you will have an inseparable friend.
  • Help Fu grow. You will see it grow since it is still a tender baby, until he grows up to become a playful Fu.
  • Your own Fu. Hundreds of accessories to customize your Fu.
  • Play with your friends. Say hello to your friends in the social area, send them gifts and watch how they have dressed their Fus.
  • Your Fu is very sociable. Link your Fu to a friend's Fu (or even to several Fus), it looooves to have lots of friends!
  • Play adventures. In the adventures, your Fu is the star. Have a great time and earns rewards, or challenge your friends to beat your record.
  • Decorate your home. Many options for decorating your Fu’s home. It will be delighted to have brand new stuff.